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Dan Allen Gaming is a Gaming Youtube channel dedicated to Gameplay, Guides, Interviews, News and much, much more. The Gaming coverage extends across all other socials platforms, amounting in over 250,000+ followers worldwide. With over 100 million views on YouTube, Dan has become an influencer within the Gaming category. Dan's passion and love for video games has resonated with many of his fans across the globe and allowed him to work with with PlayStation, Xbox, Ubisoft, EA, Riot Games, and many other brands within the space. 

Dan's approach to all his content is not only quality, but keeping the content light, entertaining and postive. And with that, many people within the Gaming community will look to Dan for opinions on newly released games and products before purchasing. There hasn't been a better time to captilise on Dan's growth and potential within the space, as he looks to continue his success into 2022 and beyond.